Location(s): TBD (the recent California fires have required that we adjust some of our training locations for the 2019 year, as a result we can be extra flexible with our training in order to best meet the needs of our clients)

Register      Cost: $400

Time: 9 AM (Day 1) - 3 PM (Day 3)

2019 Dates: 2/22-2/24, 3/15-3/17, 4/26-4/28, 5/17-5/19, 6/7-6/9, 7/19-7/21, 8/16-8/18, 9/20-9/22, 10/4-10/6, 11/8-11/10

*NOTE: Bold Dates are still AVAILABLE

**NOTE: Contact us to discuss optional dates, times, and wait-listing

Fire and R.I.C.E.

Our  3-Day Wilderness Survival Skills Course will teach you all of the skills of our 2-Day course while also providing you with a nationally certified Wilderness First Aid Certification.  This challenging, fast-paced course will include: several types of Shelter-Making, Friction Fire-Making, Water Location and Purification, Trap-Making, Signaling, and much more.

*Note 1: Feel free to bring any personal survival gear you wish to test out or train with.

**Note 2: Tents are allowed, but students have the option to sleep in the actual debris survival shelter

What to bring: 

  1. Pocketknife or multi-tool w/ locking blade and saw.

  2. Clothes that are appropriate for the weather and the outdoors, including close-toed shoes and long pants.

  3. Your Meals (Water, tea, coffee, Gatorade, snacks, and Dinner on the second night will be provided)

  4. Water bottle

  5. Day pack

  6. Sleeping bag/sleep system, appropriate for the weather

  7. Headlamp/flashlight

  8. Work gloves for outdoor use

  9. Sun protection/bug spray.

I loved how many objectives were paced at an individual level, allowing ample time to carry out activities and / or to keep trying!
— Melissa M. -Yelp Review