Wilderness Survival Skills Course        (1 Day)

A great hands-on introduction to the fundamental skills and essential information for wilderness survival.

Wilderness Survival Skills Course        (2 Days)

Spend a weekend making your own debris shelter, learning friction fire-making, water purification, and more. 

Wilderness Survival Skills Course        (3 Days)

All of the amazing training of the 2-day course plus wilderness first aid training and certification.

Relevant, real-world survival information delivered in engaging and fun manner, by seriously knowledgeable instructors.
— J.P. Saenz, Sacramento Young Marines

Multi-Level Wilderness Survival Field Course (3 Days)

Challenge and yourself as you take your skills and test them in the field.  Do you have what it takes to survive on your own?

Family Wilderness Survival Skills Course (4 Days)

This is our 3-day course taught over an extra day so that you get more time to practice and hone your skills.

Wilderness First Aid Certification        (2 Days)

Save yourself and others as you earn a nationally-recognized certification through real-life scenarios and practices.

Could not have asked for a more approachable or knowledgeable staff. Learned some extremely utilitarian skills.
— Sean C. - Alumni

Herbal Medicine and Apothecary Course (1 Day)

Turn plants and herbs into real-life remedies that heal.  Get actual experience making poultices, balms, and more.

              Archery Training Course               (1 Day)

  This course covers range safety, proper archery techniques, bow maintenance, arrow repair, and lots of fun.

Primitive Weapons Course: COMING SOON!

Wilderness Trapping Course: COMING SOON!

I loved how many objectives were paced at an individual level, allowing ample time to carry out activities and/or to keep trying!
— Melissa M. - Yelp Review