As aspiring instructors, you will not only have the opportunity to learn and hone your survival skills. You will learn what it takes to plan, organize, prepare, and teach your own classes. You will also be expected to begin compiling the necessary gear and equipment for your instructor kits. Your training program will give you multiple opportunities to take the courses, prepare for, and teach them. 

The very best of you may be invited to work with us as part of our ever-growing survival training school. 

*Note: There is no guarantee that merely taking the program will ensure you an instructor certification. You will need to demonstrate mastery of all the skills in order to successfully complete the program. 

 Instructor Level 1 WS Certification

Learn how to prepare others for basic survival and teach the 1-Day Wilderness Survival Skills Course.

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 Instructor Level 2 WS Certification

Continue building on your foundation as you learn the ins and outs of the necessities of survival. 

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 Instructor Level 3 WS Certification

Become a survival expert as well as an ASHI Wilderness First Aid instructor with this intensive training program. 

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It is such a reward to learn to teach from a teacher who knows how to teach. These instructors are consummate professionals and walk you through everything you need to become one as well.
— Eileen M., Instructor Trainee

 Instructor Level 4 WSF Certification

No holds barred in this program as you learn by doing in extreme environments and learn how to challenge others.

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Instructor Emergency Medical Certs

Earn instructor certifications in ALL of our emergency medicine courses in this intense program.

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Wilderness First Aid Instructor Certification

Teach others what to do when 911 can't immediately get to them and reinforce your first aid knowledge. 

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Herbal Medicine & Apothecary Instructor Certification

Identify wild plants as well as the ancient art of turning plants into medicine while teaching others how to do the same. 

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Everyone’s had that teacher that knows a lot but can’t teach. This program has helped me improve my teaching so my students can succeed.
— Bryan D. -Alumni

First Aid, CPR, AED Instructor Certification

Bystanders are so helpful in the EMS system. This course will teach you how to teach people of all ages the basics. 

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Archery Instructor Level 1 Certification

Earn a national certification for instructing one of the safest sports around in both indoor and outdoor settings.

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Urban Survival Instructor Certification

Most of us live and work in the urban setting. Learn how to teach others what to expect in an urban disaster. 

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The value of being able to take all the courses for a full year is unbelievable. My survival skills are rock solid now.
— Claire I. -Alumni