Location: Lake Concow

Register      Cost: $600

What to Bring: 

  1. All of the gear required for each course you will be attending (see specific course requirements)

  2. Begin gathering supplies to make your own instructor kits (the list will be supplied to you upon your enrollment)


Learn to teach the ancient art of turning plants and herbs into healing medicines. You will gain practical experience making balms, lotions, poultices, liniments, and teas. You will also learn the properties and preparation practices for these powerful herbs as well as identifying wild plants for gathering. You will learn to set up and prepare for teaching this class, and how and where to get the plants and supplies for teaching. You will also receive a nationally recognized ASHI First Aid and Wilderness First Aid Certifications with this course. 

*NOTE: The minimum age requirement for this course is 17 years old. You will receive your certification when you turn 18. 

in this program you will:

  • Attend two Herbal Medicine & Apothecary Courses

  • Assist in two Herbal Medicine & Apothecary Courses

  • Attend and pass one First Aid, CPR, AED Certification Course

  • Attend and pass one Wilderness First Aid Certification Course

  • Plan, Organize, Prepare, and Teach one Herbal Medicine & Apothecary Course

Having served in the U.S. Army, I learned some basic field medicine, but this program taught me how to forage for and prepare some of my own remedies. Definitely a must have skill if you go into the wild.
— Evan W. - Instructor Trainee