Herbal Medicine and Apothecary

Location(s): Free Flow Academy/TBD or we can come to you

Register      Cost: $125

Time: 9 AM (Day 1) - 3 PM (Day 2)

2019 Dates: 2/23, 4/27, 8/17, 10/5, 11/9

*NOTE: Bold Dates are still AVAILABLE

**NOTE: Contact us to discuss optional dates, times, and wait-listing

A rose by any other name!

Most of our modern medicines are still derived from plants and formulas that have been around since ancient times.  Come learn how to turn these "magical" healing herbs into useful infusions, teas, lineaments, balms, and poultices.  We will introduce you to some of the strongest herbal remedies, while teaching you what the plants look like, where to find them, and what their healing properties and precautions are.  You will leave the class with both knowledge and remedies that you made for yourself.

What to bring:

  1. Lunch, drinks, snack

  2. Sun protection/bug spray

After learning what grows in the area, I got to make and TAKE HOME a whole bunch of different concoctions that actually work.
— Mark S. - Alumni