Emergency Medical Responder

Location: TBD

Register      Cost: $600

Time: TBD

Dates 2018: TBD

Become the First Link in 911!

This 2-year certification will enable you to become a First Responder. You will learn how to perform primary assessments, secondary assessments, CPR, AED, and airway intervention, as well as how to deal with both medical and trauma emergencies. This course is 48 hours long and will provide you with hands-on practice and real world scenarios; and, will teach you EMS lingo in order to allow you to effectively communicate with medical professionals. From administering oxygen, to triaging a mass casualty incident, to delivering a baby, this course covers many emergency scenarios and is the most extensive non-medical professional course you can take.  

What to Bring:

  1. Snacks
  2. Notebook and pen
  3. The textbook (will be available to you prior to the course)
  4. Blood Pressure Cuff and Stethoscope (optional)