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WELCOME TO SURVIVAL TRAINING AND OUTDOOR PREPARATION (S.T.O.P.). (Formerly: Survival Training School of California - Northern California Headquarters ). We are no longer affiliate with Thomas Coyne Survival Schools.  WE ARE EXCITED TO OFFER YOU OUR SAME GREAT TRAINING WITH A HOST OF NEW COURSES AND ADVENTURES READY TO TEST AND TEACH YOU.

Survival Training and Outdoor Preparation has trained with and taught FEMA's CERT teams, members of the United States Military, youth organizations like: Boy and Girl Scouts, Sacramento Young Marines, and Y-Indian Guides.  We offer you a comprehensive collection of Wilderness, Urban, Medical, and Emergency/Disaster Preparation courses.  Our courses can be taken in groups or privately and we also offer fantastic team building programs for people of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels.  Our instructors are not only knowledgeable about survival skills, but are gifted and experienced teachers, ensuring that you get a quality, hands-on educational experience.

Whether you want to learn to survive in the wild, escape unlawful detainment, keep yourself safe from active shooter situations, or learn to care for those who have been injured, Survival Training and Outdoor Preparation has the right program(s) for you.

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